Measurement Module for combined Current- and Voltage measurements with CAN and Ethernet Interface

Stefan Klaric GmbH & Co. KG extends the product portfolio in the area of low voltage measurement modules and probes by a 16 channel module with ethernet and CAN interface for high preceise measurements of currents and voltages in vehicles.

The new KLARI-FUSE3 has eight inputs, each input has two ADCs and five measuring ranges with auto-range function for each ADC. The auto-range function makes it possible to record both quiescent currents and operating currents in an automated and high-resolution manner.

In order to be able to analyze the signal profile of a quantity to be measured more precisely in excerpts, it is possible to automatically switch the sampling rate when a threshold is exceeded or undershot. This considerably reduces the data volume during non-productive periods.

Data is output via two independently configurable CAN 2.0B interfaces with max. 2 x 8000 FPS and / or the 100 Mbps Ethernet interface. The Ethernet interface supports the free Klaric server software as well as XCP on Ethernet for Vector or ETAS. The user can assign each measured variable individually to one or more output interfaces.

The following KLARI-PROBES can be used in conjunction with the KLARI-FUSE 3:


  • FK1 ... FK3
  • MICRO2 und 3

High Current-PROBES

  • BF1, BF2 und BF3

Combi-I/U-PROBE Voltage-PROBE

With the suitable combination I / U-PROBE for the new KLARI-FUSE 3 it is possible to measure currents and voltages that are at the same voltage potential at the same time. This also allows RMS calculations for AC signals with 8kSPS to be mapped well.