Uninterruptible power supply for measurement technology in vehicles

If you want to measure currents in vehicles, you need a reliable power supply for the measuring technology. This is especially important with longer service lives - because charging via the car battery can falsify the results.

With KLARI-CHARGE 2, Klaric introduces a self-sufficient power supply module for test vehicles. The Stuttgart specialist for measurement technology closes an important gap with the module. Anyone who wants to measure currents safely and accurately must ensure a stable power supply to the measuring unit even in the case of unplanned long downtimes. Only in this way can the measurement be continued continuously without loss of measurement data.

The integrated LiFePo4 battery has a capacity of either 3.3 or 6.6 Ah. If required, it is charged from the vehicle electrical system via the intelligent charging unit. The automatic recharge can be done via a freely adjustable threshold of the vehicle electrical system voltage, a digital input (eg ignition) or by triggering on a CAN message.

If the vehicle is at a standstill for a longer period, the battery can also be charged from the vehicle electrical system via the emergency charging function when the engine is switched off. Thus, the measurements are lossless and continued continuously. The emergency charging function can be switched on or off.

For long-term measurements with a KLARI-CORD-4 measuring module, with a fully charged battery life of 2 to 5 days can be bridged without recharging.

Operation is via a membrane keyboard, for the status display is an illuminated LCD display integrated.

KLARI-CHARGE 2 is suitable for supplying any measuring technology.