Measure accurate values of PH/EV charging with the CHARGE-MONITOR

Klaric GmbH & Co. KG has developed a device for monitoring and logging the voltage, charge current as well as the effective values. The EV CHARGE-MONITOR is installed between the charge station and the electric or hybrid vehicle. With the EV CHARGE-MONITOR, the user is able to see, evaluate and to validate the charging process. The EV CHARGE-MONITOR is used for charging testing & validation, vehicle emissions certification, winter testing as well as many more.

The measuring unit is installed between charge station and vehicle or between the mains and the charging station for (PH)EV Homologation (WLTP). The Measuring unit now disposes about serval several connection options:

  • CEE32/125: for 1- or 3-phase measurement (mains)
  • Mennekes (Type 1/2/GB/T): for 1- or 3-phase measurement
  • CHAdeMO: for DC measurement
  • GB/T DC: for DC measurement
  • CCS/Combo 1: for combined AC & DC measurement
  • CCS/Combo 2: for combined AC & DC measurement

The measured values of voltage and current may be used for calculating the following values:

  • effective voltage of each phase
  • effective current of each phase
  • cos φ / ʎ
  • real power and the electrical work
  • total power and total work

The possibility to save the Data on a USB drive makes the handling of the EV CHARGE-MONITOR much easier for the user. A separate CAN channel for each phase and for the calculated values. This can be configured as desired, as well as many other measuring parameters like sampling rate, external mean, output rate of the calculated power values.