Universal HV-Measurement Module for safe measurements in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Klaric GmbH & Co. KG has developed a new HV measurement module, the KLARI-QUAD2 with a galvanically isolation of continuous 1500V DC for safe current, voltage and temperature measurements in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. The Klaric High Voltage Probes and HV Measurement Adapters are suitable for use in H/EVs. Current will be measured via a calibrated shunt resistor, voltage via a resistor divider and the temperature with a Thermocouple or PT100/1000. The suitable HVI/U-COMBI-PROBE allows simultaneous measurements of current and voltage with just one input. The Auto-Range functions automatically uses the best measurement input range for the measured signal. This allows high resolution measurements of currents and voltages. Very convenient functions like average and moving average filter, RMS, frequency, power and work calculation for AC and DC signals as well as. The module recognizes when a KLARI-HV-PROBE is plugged in and reads out the probe type and the calibration values (“plug & measure”) what lowers the effort of configuration.

Data is output via two independently configurable CAN 2.0B interfaces with max. 2 x 8000 FPS and / or the 100 Mbit/s Ethernet interface. The Ethernet interface supports the free Klaric server software as well as XCP-on-Ethernet. The user can assign each measured variable individually to one or more output interfaces.

The new high voltage measurement modules KLARI-THERM HV 1500V and KLARI-PT HV 1500V are developed for temperature measurement in high voltage environment with Type K Thermocouples (KLARI-THERM HV 1500V) or PT100/1000 (KLARI-PT HV 1500V).