PROBES for low-voltage modules up to 80 V

  • Current measurements with low resistive accuracy resistors
  • Voltage measurements with voltage dividers
  • Temperature measurements are executed with PT1000 resistance thermometers which are also available in acid resistant version
  • Memory device with communication cable to the module to read out configuration data (type, adjustment values, serial number etc.)
  • Very high degree of accuracy as adjustment values are considered for the measurement result calculation
  • Temperature compensation is not needed as the shunts only have marginal temperature drift
  • Factory or DAkkS calibration on request
  • High-current PROBES


      Depending on the selected PROBE current measurements may be performed in ranges of 2,5 mA...+7.200/-3.000 A (peak current when using a 100 µΩ-Shunt). The user has to take care of protecting the measuring circuit

  • Low-current PROBES


      For current measurements in range of 0,25 µA...150 A (peak current). The user has to take care of protecting the measuring circuit

  • PROBES with original fuse


      Current measurements in defined electric circuits in vehicle fuse boxes can be performed with adapters like FK1, FK2, FK3, MICRO2/3 and M/JCASE-plug-in-fuses. The measuring circuit is protected in the ranges of 5...70 A by the original fuse

  • Voltage PROBES

    • U-PROBES

      For measurements in ranges of 170 µV...+/- 80 V

  • Temperature PROBES

  • Accessoires